C.V. in English



Iraqi Fine Artist



Specialization: Painting

Date of Birth: 1974

Country: Iraq



An Iraqi artist, she Practiced her hobby in painting since childhood and has continued it, and she grew up in the house of her uncle “ Mahmoud Al Obaidi “, ( an Iraqi pioneer artist late ), in Kirkuk City, who had a great role in teaching her the art of painting and the magic of colors.

From Al Obaidi gallery she began as butterfly carries with it the colors of the rainbow and a paintbrush that never dissociation her, which reflective of what the inside of artistic creations, using the colors of the spectrum fine touching creative and visionary ideas.

her paintings is pure, oscillates between a vibrant lyricism and an inexhaustible chromatic fantasy Mainly focused on specific meanings she using colors as principal means in the representation of reality every time , tends to assume highly emotional hymns like she dip her brush into the rainbow.

A mother of 4 children (3 daughters and 1 son) and I love life and I love flowers and love to see everyone happy.

Unfortunately with what is happening now in the world, from Wars - disorders - violence - murder - mass - large extremism, I believe that the artist's now must to spread the culture of tolerance, love and peace through his paintings.

We as artists we can draw and tell the whole world that we are equal and that our language is the brush, colors, and our mission is to spread peace and love as we publish the colors on the canvas and we have to love each other and that we all live in peace and security.

We must learn our children to love everyone and not hate any human being because of his color, language, religion or nationality.

Through my work I am trying to transfer the image to the whole world that we are peace-loving people and we through our civilization, which began five thousand years ago and that was the first one who wrote letters, first invented the wheel and the first to build outstanding gardens and the first of the enactment of laws.

I am trying through my work to prove to the world that we are civilized people and we love the good and convey our love and peace to all the peoples of the world and sensitive except for our children to live in peace and full safety and love with all the children of the world in a beautiful and happy tomorrow For these reasons Fatima Al Obaidi awarded the title of ambassador of peace through art in Slovakia International art Festival 2014, and a special Medal ( Golden ), in the X Florence International Biennale of Contemporary Art - Italy, 2015.